Friday, March 1, 2013

Feature & Follow #9

Partecipo di nuovo a questo Follow Hop, ospitato da Parajunkee e Alison Can Read, perché è un ottimo modo per incontrare nuovi blogger e fare amicizie libresche! 

Domanda di oggi è... confessare i propri peccati come blogger! C'è stato qualcosa che avete fatto come novellini e che poi, mentre facevate esperienza, avete capito che non era il caso di fare? 

Uhm... sinceramente... non lo so. Sono decisamente una novellina nel mondo dei blogger ed è ancora tutto così nuovo e fantastico! Ci sono migliaia di cose che vorrei fare, ma il tempo è sempre poco! Ho un sacco di idee e tanti progetti che vorrei poter mettere in pratica, vorrei dedicarmi un po' al design del blog e imparare a fare tante cose, ma...


La vita si mette in mezzo. E quindi faccio quello che posso, sperando di poter migliorare! Se ho commesso qualche peccato, fatemelo sapere!

Last week I had so much fun discovering new blogs through this Follow Hop, hosted by the fabulous Parajunkee and Alison Can Read (I strongly suggest you visit their wonderful blogs) that I am going to do it again because it's a great way to meet new bloggers and make awesome bookish friendships!

This week question is... confess your blogger sins! Is there anything as a newbie blogger that you've done, that as you gained more experience you were like... oops? 

Uhm... that's a tough question. I have probably commited a tons, but since I'm still such a newbie at this and everything is so sparking new and shiny! Well, okay, not everything, but still. There are tons of things I'd love to do, but time is nowhere to be found. I have ideas, and plans and I'd love to focus a bit more on my blog design and learn something, but...


There is that thing called life which gets in the way. So I try to do what I can and hope I can get better along the way. And if you think I commited a sin, let me know so I can make amend!

What about you?


  1. Time is the biggest issue I think all book reviewers face. At first you have all these great ideas about how you are going to read and review a ton and then you find yourself not being able to do that. You need to find a balance between life and blogging :) I'm still working on that.

    Great FF answer, new GFC Follower!

    My FF HERE.

    -Seirra @ Dear, Restless Reader

  2. Love the answer, love the blog.
    New folower
    Beth @ Free Spirit Books

  3. I totally know how you feel! *HUGS*

    New follower hopping through! Here is my F&F! Have a great weekend!